turn1 [ tɜrn ] verb ***
▸ 1 change position
▸ 2 change direction
▸ 3 make circular movement
▸ 4 do/become something else
▸ 5 become particular age
▸ 6 move page to other side
▸ 7 about stomach
▸ 8 milk: become sour
▸ 9 affect game/fight
▸ 10 shape something using lathe
1. ) intransitive or transitive to change the position of your body or head so that you are facing in a different direction:
She turned and smiled at me.
He turned his head and looked around the room.
turn away: Lopez just glared at the other man and then turned away.
turn over: I put the blanket over my head, turned over, and went to sleep.
turn around: The girls in front turned around and grinned.
turn back: He turned back just in time to see her disappearing around the corner.
turn someone/something away (from someone/something): She turned her face away, desperate to avoid his kiss.
turn to do something: The whole audience turned to stare at the latecomers.
turn to: Maria turned to the reporters and said: I'm innocent.
turn something toward something /someone: The rescued men turned their heads toward the ocean and thought of their lost comrades.
a ) transitive to change the position of something so that it is pointing in a different direction:
turn something around: Turn your chairs around so you're facing me.
turn something on someone/something: The attacker killed three people before turning the gun on himself.
turn something over: Turn the tape over and press Play.
2. ) intransitive to change the direction in which you are moving or traveling:
turn around/toward/into etc.: We turned into our driveway, glad to get home.
The truck turned around and came back toward us.
turn left/right: Follow this path, then turn right and walk uphill.
a ) transitive turn something around/toward/into etc. to make something change the direction in which it is moving:
He turned the car in the direction of the city.
They ordered the pilot to turn the plane around.
b ) intransitive if a road or river turns, it bends and goes in a different direction:
The road turns to follow the cliffs at the little village of Croton.
Here the road turns sharply to the right.
c ) intransitive if the tide turns, it moves in the opposite direction
3. ) intransitive to make a circular movement:
I heard the key turn in the lock.
a ) transitive to make something move in a circle:
Turning this wheel will start the machine.
b ) turn a cartwheel/somersault to make your body move sideways or forward or backward in a circle by throwing your legs over your head
4. ) linking verb to change and do or become something else:
turn ugly/nasty/violent: The game turned ugly in the final minutes, when two players were ejected for fighting.
turn cold/chilly: The weather turned quite chilly in the afternoon.
turn professional: Duval turned professional in 1993.
turn informant/killer: She was betrayed by a childhood friend who turned government informant.
a ) to change and become another color:
The leaves turn bright red in autumn.
5. ) linking verb to become a particular age or a particular time:
He turned 40 in March.
It's just turned midnight.
6. ) transitive if you turn the page of a book or magazine, you move it in order to read a different page
7. ) intransitive or transitive if your stomach turns, or something turns your stomach, you feel as if food in your stomach is going to come out through your mouth
8. ) intransitive if milk turns, it becomes sour
9. ) intransitive or transitive MAINLY JOURNALISM if someone turns a game or fight, or it turns, it starts to develop in a different way
10. ) transitive to give a particular shape to a piece of wood or metal using a LATHE
not know where/which way to turn
to not know what to do in a difficult situation
turn your back on someone/something
1. ) to turn your body so that your back is pointing toward someone or something
2. ) to refuse to accept someone or something that you have previously accepted
turn a corner
1. ) to go around a corner of a street, building, etc.
2. ) to reach a better point in your business or relationship
turn someone's head
to make someone feel more important, intelligent, etc. than they really are
turn heads
to attract a lot of attention
=> LEAF1
,turn a`gainst phrasal verb transitive
turn against someone/something to stop liking or supporting someone or something and start opposing them:
The rival factions turned against each other in a bitter struggle for power.
a. turn someone against someone/something to make someone stop liking or supporting someone or something:
She's managed to turn your whole family against you.
,turn a`round phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive or transitive to stop being unsuccessful and start being successful, or make something do this:
That's the moment when the game turned around, Miami coach Kevin Loughery said.
The $400 million loan will help turn the Russian economy around.
2. ) transitive to complete a piece of work, process, or activity within a particular time:
We can produce quality work and turn it around very quickly.
3. ) transitive to consider or express something in a different way:
In the nineteenth century some people turned around the idea that women's place is in the home to argue that motherly values should be extended beyond it.
turn around and do something
to react to something, especially in a way that is surprising or not helpful:
It was your idea, so don't turn around and say you're too busy.
,turn a`way phrasal verb transitive
to refuse to let someone come into a place:
They're family I could hardly turn them away!
turn someone away at/from something: A busload of Canadian tourists was turned away at the border by an overzealous guard.
,turn a`way from phrasal verb transitive
turn away from something to refuse to accept or use something any longer:
Many shoppers turned away from products that were not environmentally friendly.
,turn `back phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive or transitive to return the same way that you came instead of continuing on your journey, or make someone do this:
Bad weather forced them to turn back.
Refugees who reach the border may be turned back.
2. ) intransitive to return to a previous situation or condition:
I've gone too far to turn back now.
3. ) transitive same as TURN DOWN 3:
A servant was turning back the covers of his bed as he entered.
,turn `down phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to refuse to accept an offer or request:
How could you turn down such a fantastic job?
I don't believe it: he turned me down flat!
─ opposite TAKE UP
2. ) to reduce the amount of sound, heat, or light produced by a piece of equipment by pressing a button or moving a switch:
The lights were turned down low.
Could you turn the music down a little?
─ opposite TURN UP
3. ) turn down or turn back to fold the edge of something:
The top sheet had been neatly turned down.
I hate people who turn down the corners of pages in a book.
,turn `in phrasal verb
1. ) transitive to return something to the person it belongs to, especially something that was lost or was lent to you: HAND IN:
I think Mr. Watkins has already turned in his pass and his pager.
turn something in to someone: Someone may have turned your briefcase in to the lost-and-found department.
a ) to give something to the person who has officially asked for it or who is in charge:
You're the only person who hasn't turned in their report for the quarter.
turn in something to someone: Mitro turned in his resignation to the President.
2. ) transitive to tell the police about someone, or take them to the police, because they have committed a crime:
His own brother turned him in.
turn yourself in: She turned herself in to local police.
3. ) transitive turn in something to produce a particular amount or degree of something:
Bicknell turned in a fine all-around performance.
4. ) intransitive INFORMAL OLD-FASHIONED to go to bed at night
5. ) intransitive or transitive to point or be directed inward, or make something do this:
Turn your toes in, like this.
Skiing is easy once you've mastered bending your knees and turning your feet in.
─ opposite TURN OUT
,turn `in on phrasal verb transitive
turn in on yourself to start to think only about yourself and your own problems and forget about other people and their problems
,turn `into phrasal verb linking verb
1. ) turn into or turn to turn into/to someone/something to change or develop into something different:
What started out as an enjoyable vacation turned into a nightmare.
a ) turn someone/something into someone/something to make someone or something change or develop into something different:
turn something into something: The freezing temperatures had turned the water in the lake into ice.
His first novel was turned into a movie for television.
b ) turn into someone/something to change into something else as a result of magic:
With one wave of her magic wand the mice turned into strong white horses.
c ) turn someone/something into someone/something to make someone or something change into something else using magic:
the tale of a prince who is turned into a frog by his wicked stepmother
2. ) turn into something if one period of time turns into another longer period of time, the amount of time that passes increases in a way that is noticeable:
As the days and weeks turned into months, he found great comfort in her presence.
,turn `off phrasal verb
1. ) transitive to stop using a piece of equipment by pressing a button or moving a switch:
Will you turn the television off, please?
Harry turned off the engine and wound down the window.
It is now safe to turn off your computer.
a ) to stop using a supply of water, gas, or electricity by turning a FAUCET, pressing a button, or moving a switch:
The emergency crew has turned off local power and gas supplies.
Go and turn the faucet off before the bathtub overflows.
2. ) intransitive or transitive turn off something to leave the road you are traveling along in order to go along another one that leads away from it:
Turn off the road onto a dirt driveway.
turn off at: Drive east along I-95, turn off at exit 35 and continue on route 146 to get to the center of Branford.
3. ) transitive turn someone off to stop someone from feeling sexually attracted or sexually excited:
His bad breath really turns me off!
4. ) transitive to make someone feel bored or no longer interested in something: PUT OFF:
This sort of talk could turn a lot of voters off.
,turn `on phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to start using a piece of equipment by pressing a button or moving a switch: SWITCH ON:
Is your computer turned on?
a ) to start using a supply of water, gas, or electricity by turning a FAUCET, pressing a button, or moving a switch:
Turn on the outside faucet, will you?
─ opposite TURN OFF
2. ) turn on someone to make a sudden and unexpected attack on someone using violence or very angry words
3. ) turn something on to make a deliberate effort to use a special quality that you have in order to achieve something:
He'll have to turn on all his charm to persuade her.
4. ) turn something on someone/something to direct something at someone or something:
The hoses were turned on the demonstrators.
5. ) turn someone on to make someone feel sexually attracted or sexually excited:
He's very nice, but he just doesn't turn me on.
─ opposite TURN OFF
6. ) turn someone on INFORMAL to make someone become interested in something:
turn someone on to something: That book really turned me on to astronomy.
a ) whatever turns you on INFORMAL used for saying that something that interests someone else does not interest you
7. ) turn on something if an event or a discussion turns on something, whether it is accurate or has a good result depends completely on that thing:
The trial turned on the medical evidence presented by the prosecution.
Prospects for a rate cut may now turn on tomorrow's fourth-quarter production figures.
8. ) turn on or turn upon turn on something if something such as an argument or discussion turns on a particular subject or detail, it is the main point of it
,turn `out phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive to develop in a particular way or have a particular result:
I'm sure it will turn out all right in the end.
Obviously, I'm disappointed at the way things have turned out.
as it turned out: As it turned out, the storm missed Puerto Rico.
a ) intransitive to be discovered to be something, have something, etc.:
It all turned out to be a mistake.
The tape turned out to contain vital information.
it turns out (that): It turns out that I was right all along.
2. ) transitive to stop using a light by pressing a button or moving a switch: PUT OUT, SWITCH OFF, TURN OFF
3. ) intransitive to go somewhere in order to be present at an event or take part in an activity:
Thousands of screaming fans turned out to welcome the champions home.
Only 47 percent of the electorate turned out to vote.
4. ) transitive to produce something, especially in large numbers:
The company plans to turn out 2,000 small airplanes a year.
5. ) transitive to force someone to leave a place, especially their home:
Our landlord turned us out on the street.
turn someone out of something: If they don't pay, they could be turned out of the house.
6. ) intransitive or transitive to point or be directed outward, or make something do this:
Keep your back straight and turn your toes out.
─ opposite TURN IN
7. ) transitive MAINLY BRITISH to remove something from a container by turning it upside down:
Turn the cake out onto a wire rack to cool.
a ) BRITISH to remove everything from your pockets or a bag
be turned out
to be dressed in a particular way:
Their children are always very well turned out.
,turn `over phrasal verb
1. ) transitive to give someone or something to someone who has a position of authority: HAND OVER:
turn someone/something over to someone: The local police turned him over to the FBI.
2. ) intransitive or transitive if an engine turns over, or you turn it over, it starts or continues to operate:
He turned the engine over to check that it would start without any problems.
3. ) transitive AMERICAN to stop speaking at a meeting and allow someone else to speak:
I'd like to say a few words and then turn it over to you, Mike.
4. ) transitive to allow something to be used for a particular purpose or by a particular person:
turn something over to something: The museum has turned all its halls over to the dinosaurs.
turn over something to something: They have turned over the property to the Conservation Society to be preserved.
5. ) transitive to think carefully about all the details of something:
He began to turn the scheme over in his mind.
6. ) intransitive or transitive to turn a page in a book or a sheet of paper so that the other side is towards you:
You may turn your exam papers over now.
7. ) transitive turn over something to make a particular amount of money in a particular time:
The 17-year-old runs his own computer company in Seattle and turns over around $100,000 a year.
`turn to phrasal verb
1. ) transitive turn to someone to go to someone for help when you are having difficulty dealing with a situation
a ) turn to something to start to do or use something in an attempt to help yourself when you are having difficulty dealing with a situation:
turn to crime/drink/drugs: He turned to drugs after his wife left him.
2. ) linking verb same as TURN INTO 1:
turn to something: Shock at the killings quickly turned to anger.
turn something to something: Roads were turned to mud by days of rain.
3. ) transitive turn something to someone/something to direct your attention, thoughts, etc. toward someone or something:
It is time he turned his mind to more serious problems.
a ) transitive turn to something to start thinking about or discussing something:
Let's turn to more important matters now.
4. ) transitive turn to something to start doing something new or different from what you were doing before:
Karras, the ex-football star who later turned to acting
5. ) transitive turn to something to look for a particular page in a book:
Turn to page 17 for our prices.
6. ) transitive turn to something if one period of time turns to another longer period of time, the amount of time that passes increases noticeably:
The minutes turned to hours and still no one came.
,turn `up phrasal verb
1. ) transitive to increase the amount of sound, heat, or light produced by a piece of equipment by pressing a button or moving a switch:
Can you turn the volume up a little?
Don't turn the TV up I'm trying to read.
Add the mussels, turn up the heat, and leave them to steam until all are fully open.
─ opposite TURN DOWN
2. ) intransitive to come somewhere unexpectedly or without making a firm arrangement:
There is no need to make a reservation just turn up on the night.
turn up for: She failed to turn up for work on Monday.
turn up at: If you want to play in the concert, you have to turn up at all the rehearsals.
3. ) intransitive to be found, especially by accident, after being lost or not known about:
The documents finally turned up in an office down the hall.
a ) transitive to find something lost, hidden, or UNKNOWN by looking for it:
The police haven't turned up anything new, have they?
4. ) intransitive to happen unexpectedly or by chance:
You'll get another job: something is bound to turn up soon.
5. ) transitive to open a fold along the edge of a piece of clothing:
He turned up his jacket collar against the cold.
─ opposite TURN DOWN
6. ) transitive to make a piece of clothing or cloth shorter by making a fold along the bottom edge and fastening it with stitches
─ opposite LET DOWN
`turn up,on phrasal verb transitive
same as TURN ON 8:
The partners' disagreement turned upon the way in which profits were calculated.
turn 2 [ tɜrn ] noun count ***
▸ 1 when someone can/must do something
▸ 2 change of direction
▸ 3 movement in circle
▸ 4 change in situation
▸ 5 short walk for pleasure
▸ 6 short performance
1. ) someone's turn is the time when they can or must do something, because they are with other people who are each doing the same activity one after the other:
You've already moved your piece it's my turn now.
someone's turn to do something: I'm sure it's your turn to wash the dishes.
wait your turn (=be patient until it is your turn): You'll just have to wait your turn like everyone else.
take a turn (at) doing something: Would you like me to take a turn carrying the suitcase?
a ) take turns if people take turns, each of them does their share of it, one after the other:
We took turns steering the boat.
2. ) a change of direction made by a person or vehicle:
He made a left turn onto a quiet street.
a ) a place where a road bends to the right or left:
There's a very sharp turn at the end of the road.
b ) a place where another road leads away from the one you are going along:
They took a wrong turn on the outskirts of town and ran into a police roadblock.
3. ) a movement in a circle made by an object:
He gave the faucet one more firm turn.
4. ) a change in a situation:
The argument over drugs in athletics took an unexpected turn yesterday.
take a turn for the better/worse: The weather suddenly took a turn for the worse.
The spokesman said the situation in Sarajevo had taken a dramatic turn for the better.
turn of events (=an unexpected change in a situation): our shock at today's tragic turn of events
a ) by turns changing from one state, mood, or quality to another:
Maria is by turns protective and vulnerable.
b ) on the turn BRITISH starting to change:
My luck's definitely on the turn now.
5. ) OLD-FASHIONED a short walk taken for pleasure
6. ) a short performance consisting of a song, a piece of music, a series of jokes, etc. as part of a set of performances:
I'm going to do a turn at the variety show next week.
at every turn
wherever or whenever someone tries to do something
done/cooked to a turn
cooked for exactly the right amount of time
a good/bad turn
1. ) an action that helps or harms someone:
He had done her a good turn.
2. ) one good turn deserves another used for saying that you should be kind to someone who has been kind to you
in turn
1. ) one after the other in an order that has been agreed or officially decided:
We look at each element of the process in turn.
2. ) as a result of something that is part of a connected series of events:
The oil-producing nations have decreased production, and this decision in turn has caused heating oil prices to rise in the United States.
Her mother taught her, and she in turn taught her own daughter.
speak/talk out of turn
to say something that you should not say because you have no right to say it or because it upsets someone
the turn of the century/year
the time around the end of one century or year and the beginning of the next:
a mansion built at the turn of the century
turn of mind
a particular way of thinking:
She has a very practical turn of mind.
turn of phrase
1. ) an expression:
That's a rather unfortunate turn of phrase.
2. ) a particular way of expressing yourself:
As a letter writer he had a neat turn of phrase.
a turn of the screw
an additional amount of something unpleasant or difficult that makes an unpleasant or difficult situation even worse

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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